Microscope intro

This is just a short refresher on Microscope. We’ll start with setup which covers these steps:

  • The Big Picture: a short description of what the history is about
  • Bookend History: create starting and ending Periods
  • The Palette: create the Yes and No lists
  • First Pass: we each create one Period or Event

After that, we start actual play with one person being the Lens. He goes first and chooses the Focus, which all new setting elements created this round must relate to. If I’m the Lens, a round would look like this:

  • I choose the Focus
  • I can create two nested things (a Period containing an Event, or an Event containing a Scene)
  • You create one thing
  • I create one thing
  • You create one thing
  • I can create two nested things again
  • You choose a new Legacy
  • You create one thing related to any Legacy
  • You become the Lens for the next round

Microscope intro

Two Guys Trying Something New Suspense